MENEA celebrated 15 years of its activity

Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd. celebrated 15 years of promoting sustainable energy practices with local and European partners, highlighting their numerous achievements towards a greener future.

MENEA celebrated 15 years of its activity

Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd. – MENEA was established in 2008 on the initiative of the Medjimurje County and Regional Development Agency of Medjimurje Ltd. (now the Public Institution for the Development of the Medjimurje County REDEA). The establishment of an institution that will cover the area of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources at regional level was already then recognised as important. The main objectives of MENEA are to provide high quality support for activities connected to rational energy use and utilisation of renewable energy sources in Medjimurje County and beyond, promote the idea of sustainable development in accordance with real needs and to raise awareness of environmental and nature protection. One of the scope of MENEA’s activities includes the preparation of strategies, programs and planning documents based on sustainable and rational energy consumption and renewable energy sources usage.

On 6 March 2023, MENEA celebrated its 15 year anniversary. The celebration took place in the premises of the Development and Educational Centre for Metal Industry – Metal Centre Čakovec. As presented during the event, MENEA has come a long and challenging way; from preparation of relevant regional strategic and planning documents to implementation of complex energy refurbishment projects including installation of renewable energy systems in public buildings owned by Medjimurje County. The most significant projects have been implemented during the last five years, while during this time new ideas and projects have been prepared for the future.

One of the speakers at MENEA’s anniversary was Julije Domac, Managing Director of North-West Croatia Energy Climate Agency and President of FEDARENE, who praised the work of MENEA and highlighted the cooperation between the two agencies. Through his inspiring speech, he also emphasised the role of energy agencies as main drivers of change in the context of current energy crisis.

MENEA’s director, Alen Višnjić briefly presented MENEA’s work within the past 15 years. He focused on implemented projects financed from various EU and national funds and established national and transnational partnerships enriched through the years as well as great steps taken in order to ensure a better quality of life of the residents of Medjimurje County and beyond.

Over the years, MENEA has become a leading partner in numerous projects aimed at promoting sustainable energy practices. As a project partner or leading partner, MENEA has successfully implemented 17 projects under various funding schemes, including IPA SI-HR, Interreg HU-HR, Erasmus+, Interreg CE, Interreg Danube – Seed Money Facility, LIFE, and HORIZON 2020. These projects have a total value of 16 million euros, out of which MENEA’s budget amounted to two million euros.

MENEA’s success can be attributed to its team of dedicated experts who are committed to promoting sustainable energy practices in the region. The agency’s work has led to the renovation of 22 buildings through more than 20 energy refurbishment projects, making them more energy-efficient and sustainable.

With this work, MENEA will continue to operate in the future in order to reduce energy dependence
and to successfully implement projects beneficial for the entire community.

Here are some photos of the event: