New resources on climate adaptation available

REGILIENCE tools on adaptation to climate change including overview of available fundings for regions are now available. Do not hesitate to take a look!

New resources on climate adaptation available

The REGILIENCE project aims at sharing the most promising cross-sectoral climate adaptation solutions, supporting cities and regions across Europe to become more resilient to climate change. Among other activities, the project developed different tools to support stakeholders in their adaptation pathways and compiles the various instruments developed by innovation actions (ARSINOE, IMPETUS and TransformAr).

You can check out the tools on REGILIENCE website through the “Resources” drop-down menu. We would especially like to bring your attention to the funding opportunities section since it could be of particular interest for you. It identifies current financial opportunities dedicated to support regional climate resilience on European and national level.

If you want to know more about the climate adaptation topic, FEDARENE has an internal Adaptation Working Group. Its first meeting is scheduled on the 28th of February. Click here to know more.