Powering the future: Insights from the ManagEnergy Talk

For this edition, ManagEnergy invited Clover Hogan, a 24-year-old climate activist and Founder of Force of Nature. She shared what a radically different energy system could look like and why we must change our mindset about energy.

Powering the future: Insights from the ManagEnergy Talk

On 12 June 2024, we hosted Clover Hogan, a 24-year-old climate activist and Founder of Force of Nature, as the guest speaker for our ManagEnergy Talk, part of the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW). This edition of the ManagEnergy Talks, which aim to explore innovative, ambitious, and transformative actions led by local and regional actors, focused on inspiring others to drive action on sustainable energy. These talks serve as a forum for discussing new political initiatives, legislative processes, and financial innovations from the perspectives of all relevant stakeholders.

The event was moderated by Christiane Egger, part of the ManagEnergy Team, who presented our initiative. Hans Rhein represented CINEA with a short welcome address.

Empowering Local and Regional Energy Agencies

Christiane Egger, Deputy Manager of OÖ Energiesparverband and FEDARENE Vice-President for Climate Neutrality, in her introduction, emphasised the significance of local and regional energy agencies in achieving climate neutrality and the energy transition.

She highlighted that ManagEnergy recognises the key roles these agencies play in facilitating projects, providing reliable information, and supporting the transition to sustainable energy at the local level.

EUSEW / European Commission

“We are over 300 local and regional energy agencies in Europe, employing over 3,600 staff. That makes us one of the biggest workforce dedicated to the energy transition across the EU.”

Christiane Egger

Hans Rhein, Head of Unit at the European Climate, Infrastructure & Environment Executive Agency (CINEA), took stock of all the things achieved in these 4 years of EU Green Deal and questioned the challenges ahead. At CINEA, they support industries rolling out new green technologies via programs such as Horizon Europe, the Innovation Fund, and the LIFE program. They fund clean energy technologies, help industries reduce carbon emissions, support the circular economy, and promote biodiversity.

“The technological solutions to drive the energy transition are available. The question is: is it enough? Are we going fast enough? Are we able to turn the tide?”

Hans Rhein

Powering the future: how can we reimagine our energy system?

Clover Hogan delivered a powerful keynote speech about envisioning a radically different energy system. She shared her journey of becoming aware of the climate crisis at age 11 and the frustrations of seeing insufficient action despite increased awareness. Hogan highlighted the urgent need for systemic change, criticizing the continued investment in fossil fuels and the counterproductive actions of major corporations and governments.

“What I can tell you is that in my 13 years of activism, working with business leaders, teachers, students, policy makers, it’s that the biggest challenge we need to overcome is not pictured here; it is, in fact, at the intersection of all of these areas. And that is mindset.”

Clover Hogan

She outlined five key areas for rapid progress: technology, resources, society, finance, and politics, emphasizing the importance of mindset shifts in achieving meaningful change. Hogan called for embracing disruption, fostering long-term vision, and engaging in radical collaboration. She stressed the importance of challenging the status quo, involving diverse stakeholders, and centering young people in climate action.

Despite the overwhelming nature of the climate crisis, Hogan encouraged everyone to take action, drawing parallels to past social movements that succeeded through collective effort. She concluded with a call to mobilize now, emphasizing that significant change is possible through united efforts.

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