Energy Efficiency Watch 2

The objective of the EEW project is to promote energy efficiency across Europe by analysing Member States’ national energy efficiency action strategies and by highlighting good energy efficiency policies.

Energy Efficiency Watch 2

The specific objective of the “Energy Efficiency Watch 2” project is to continue the work undertaken by EEW1 project and to facilitate the process of implementation of the Energy Services Directive.

The main target groups are Parliamentarians on European, national and regional level as well as civil servants working on the implementation of the Energy Services Directive. EEW2 aims also to create an even stronger network with the regions and cities that are of utmost importance for the implementation of energy efficiency policies laid out in the NEEAPs. The networks ECEEE, Energy Cities and FEDARENE are for instance active partners of the project consortium and a special link to the Covenant of Mayors will be established.

The EEW2 also aims at enhancing its contact to other key players (industry and NGOs) in the field of energy efficiency, outside the project consortium. During the project, all relevant stakeholders – project network partners as well as external partners – will be integrated to see what has been done on the Member State level since the first round of NEEAPs in 2007, what is under preparation, what is the level of the second NEEAPs etc. by using a bottom-up approach.

  •  Events for supporting the exchange of knowledge, practices and experience and getting feedback on the implementation of energy efficiency policies,
  • Surveys among partner networks (50 surveys per network), stakeholder interviews (150 interviews with selected experts), NEEAP2 screening,
  • Good practice outputs distributed to MPs and national administrations related to NEEAPs – Package of good practices for 6 sectors -“Good practice and policy recommendations” brochure.