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Insights from the first PROSPECT+ Policy Dialogue on innovative financing instruments

In a landmark virtual gathering that engaged an audience of over a hundred, the first PROSPECT+ Policy Dialogue took a deep dive into city and region financing.

Insights from the first PROSPECT+ Policy Dialogue on innovative financing instruments

The main focus was on shifting away from traditional reliance on public funding towards the strategic integration of innovative financing instruments. Featuring insights from 11 distinguished speakers, this event not only represented a milestone but also provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities inherent in this paradigm shift.

Bringing together a diverse assembly of public authorities, municipal energy agencies, EU institution representatives, and private investors, the webinar delved into the challenges arising as conventional subsidies prove insufficient. The focus? Navigating the uncharted waters of innovative financial approaches.

Diversifying financing sources

Expert speakers at the PROSPECT+ Policy Dialogue delivered a panoramic view of challenges and strategies vital for financing local energy initiatives and broader climate targets. From practical case studies to strategic discussions, the dialogue catered particularly to public authorities, emphasising the urgency of effective cooperation and knowledge exchange.

Highlighting the pivotal role of diversifying funding sources, including private investment, the dialogue championed creative thinking and collaboration. Attendees were introduced to support programmes and initiatives such as Horizon Europe, the LIFE Programme, and the Smart Cities Marketplace, showcasing a plethora of resources and ideas.

Encouraging active participation

The dialogue unfolded across various topics, from the results of consultations in the PROSPECT+ Policy Dialogue to success stories of projects reducing dependence on subsidies. Cities and regions weighed in, offering recommendations on making innovative financing instruments more accessible.

For those eager to delve deeper into these riveting discussions and explore numerous initiatives, the webinar recording awaits in the video below:

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