Building Resilience through Adaptation at the Local Level

The 2021 EU Adaptation Strategy highlights that impactful adaptation action happens at the local level. This is why the Policy Support Facility, under the Covenant of Mayors Europe, was launched by the European Commission to help local and regional authorities develop and implement climate adaptation measures, with a real emphasis on moving from the planning stage into implementation.

Between 2022 and 2023 the Covenant of Mayors Europe launched the Policy Support Facility, a pilot initiative to boost adaptation actions at the regional and local level in 12 member states.

The Facility took shape over the course of four modules.
Through a series of national workshops bringing together local authorities, peer exchange opportunities, and technical expertise, regional and local authorities across Europe received tailored assistance to develop and implement adaptation measures, thus setting them on a path to build further resilience to climate change.

This report synthesises the key learnings from this two year programme and dives into four thematic areas. From financing and just resilience to nature regeneration and disaster risk reduction, in this interactive report, you’ll get access to resources such as case studies, podcasts, and webinars that dive into the experiences of cities along their journey to strengthen their climate resilience and implement adaptation measures.