Creating new momentum in Europe’s Renewable Energy Policies – Recommendations from Regions and their Energy Agencies

As the European Commission is revising the Renewable Energy Directive to make it “fit for 55”, the regions and energy agencies members of FEDARENE recommend 10 solutions to create a new momentum in Europe’s Energy Policies.

Reaching the 2030 climate goals requires a policy step change recognizing the drivers and failures of the past decade’s approaches. The members of FEDARENE believe this step change can be stimulated by REDIII through the following drivers:

  • Accelerated use of RES through “regional facilitation services”
  • Binding EU and national targets of at least 40% renewable energy in the final energy consumption by 2030 (article 3)
  • Information, training and facilitation focused on market uptake of RES (articles 18, 21 & 22)
  • Greater focus on the production of on-site renewables as a territorial development strategy
  • Greater synergies with the EPBD to increase RES integration in buildings
  • Enhanced access to energy data for “regional energy observatories”
  • Accelerated mainstreaming of renewable energy in heating and cooling facilitated by local/regional energy agencies (art. 23 & 24)
  • Production of hydrogen should be exclusively local, from renewable sources, and should not be used directly for decarbonizing the building stock
  • Carbon neutrality as a KPI for businesses
  • Increased use of renewables in transport supported by smart mobility and non-transport solutions

Read the complete set of recommendations here.