Education, Communication & Youth Awareness

Discover the latest and most remarkable projects FEDARENE members have been working on to raise awareness about sustainable energy.

Communicating about sustainable energy is as important as implementing sustainable energy measures. The Energy Transition will not happen without broad social support. This is why FEDARENE’s member regions and energy agencies dedicate lots of time to raising awareness and educating the youth about climate change and sustainability. In this new publication, you will find out some of their most recent and remarkable projects in this field:

  • Through the HySchools project, the Regional Energy Agency of Abruzzo (IT) aims to educate students on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (HFCT) through the creation of educational resources for students and teachers;
  • The Cyprus Energy Agency is encouraging sustainability education through their involvement in the European projects of Bricks of Skills and YENESIS;
  • EC Network (DK) is involved in the EYES project which gathers 6 European local communities in Spain, Denmark, France, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria committed to developing action plans for engaging the youth in the local climate and energy planning processes;
  • The Catalan Institute for Energy (ICAEN, ES) is involving citizens and experts in its energy transition process towards an efficient and renewable model in Catalonia.

All projects are featured in our 2020 Sustainable Regions in Action brochure published in January 2020.