Guide for the implementation of an energy management system based on ISO-50001 in industry

The Ministry of Economy and Employment, through the Regional Energy Agency of Castilla y León, has prepared this guide with the spirit of awakening the interest necessary for the implementation of the Energy Management System in our companies and organizations, thereby promoting energy efficiency in organizations, energy savings and the reduction of gas emissions that cause climate change.

The industrial sector of Castilla y León is a major energy consumer, accounting for 70% of electricity consumption and 77% of natural gas consumption, reaching as a whole almost 35,000,000 MWh per year.

These data make it necessary to act specifically in the productive sector, since the improvement that can be applied to the production processes and auxiliary equipment will derive important benefits, mainly in the aspect of the competitiveness of our companies when manufacturing and selling their products, both in the domestic market and abroad.

Currently, that a company is accredited under the ISO-9001 or ISO-14001 standards, quality and environment respectively is no longer a novelty. However, if a company is accredited under the ISO-50001 Standard, it is something new and innovative, since it allows companies and organizations to have an Energy Management System that is defined as the set of procedures and activities integrated within the organization of the company, with the aim of optimizing the use and consumption of energy.

Being aware that an energy efficiency system makes industries more competitive with reducing their energy expenditures, Ente Publico Regional de la Energia de Castilla y León has published a Guide on the implementation of an Energy Management System under the guidelines of the ISO-50001 standard in companies and organizations, thereby promoting energy efficiency, saving energy and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases that cause climate change, among other beneficial aspects.