Regions and Energy and Climate Agencies call for integrated approaches to build climate-resilient societies

FEDARENE represents European regions and regional and local energy agencies which are now stepping up on climate adaptation. Our first position paper on the topic is reflecting this tendency.

All stakeholders at all levels of governance can count on FEDARENE and its members’ competencies, experience, and contacts to step up adaptation to climate change.

An increasing number of our members are stepping up on climate adaptation, with notable best practices and compelling projects featured here. To reflect this tendency, FEDARENE is publishing its first position paper on climate adaptation.

Our main messages are as follows:

  1. Given the current situation, adaptation to climate change is urgently required.
  2. Adaptation measures must be developed in a participatory process, implemented and reviewed in a process-oriented manner, and integrated into actions in all sectors.
  3. Regions and Agencies for Energy, Climate and Environment support the need to implement climate mitigation and climate adaptation measures in an integrated manner.
  4. In cooperation with municipalities and regions, energy and climate agencies can drive the process of stepping up climate adaptation as agents of change.

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