Climate adaptation achievements of Regions and their Agencies

Curious about FEDARENE and its member’s main activities on climate adaptation? Check out the following article!

Climate adaptation achievements of Regions and their Agencies

It’s been a few years now that Regions and Energy and Climate Agencies are active in the field of climate adaptation. In this article we gathered all our related activities, you will find links to our best practices but also to EU projects and initiatives FEDARENE is involved in and to some of the main achievements of our most experienced members in climate adaptation.

Our best practices on climate adaptation

Below you will find climate adaptation best practices classified according to main themes. You can also find the list here.

Multilevel Governance (MLG)

Supporting planning

Nature Based Solutions (NBS)

Awareness raising & trainings


EU projects and initiatives

Our members’ early commitment and involvement in climate adaptation were well reflected in Transform4Climate project led by REGEA, IRE Liguria, and CEA. The aim was to reflect on how energy agencies can transform into energy and climate agencies. Some of the findings are available here.

FEDARENE is also part of the Covenant of Mayors – Europe initiative for many years now. The initiative has been pioneering by pushing cities to commit to climate adaptation actions since 2015 and by providing support to local and regional authorities through a Policy Support Facility (PSF) dedicated programme from 2022 to 2023. Consult the CoMo – Europe adaptation webpage to know more.

The PSF work will be scaled up in the EU Mission on Adaptation –FEDARENE has been a Friend of the Mission since 2022– through the Mission Implementation Platform (MIP4ADAPT) in which we are developing the peer learning programme and the overview of funding and financing.

REGILIENCE project is also one of our main activities on climate adaptation. It aims at supporting regions and communities in their efforts developing climate-resilience pathways. FEDARENE is more particularly in charge of the capacity-building activities and the development of the funding opportunities tool.

Main achievements in leading regions

Some of our members are pioneers in the climate adaptation field. You can consult their work and best practices in dedicated articles: Cyprus Energy Agency, North-West Croatia Regional Energy and Climate Agency, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Énergie Environnement, Lower Austria Energy and Environment Agency, and AREC Île de France activities in dedicated articles.

You will also learn more from our members’ inspiring stories in videos coming soon.

Position paper on climate adaptation

As a result of our members’ willingness to step up action on climate adaptation, we collectively drafted FEDARENE first position paper on climate adaptation within our dedicated Working Group (WG). This paper is one of the main outcomes of this WG you can consult it here.

Stay tuned to not miss other upcoming activities from our WG!