An array of studies, policy papers and reports are developed in the frame of FEDARENE’s activities and projects. The following documents are categorised by topic, type of publication and by projects.

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The EU Nature Restoration Law: Open letter for a crucial vote

The EU Nature Restoration Law is set for a vote on 17 June. This law is crucial for combating biodiversity loss, pollution, and climate change, especially in our cities where these issues are most pronounced.

Sustainable Regions in Action: A Comprehensive Guide to Europe’s Energy Transition

Dive into the transformative journey towards a sustainable energy future with our latest publication. Explore insightful contributions, innovative projects, and strategic recommendations paving the way for a resilient Europe.

Building Resilience through Adaptation at the Local Level

The 2021 EU Adaptation Strategy highlights that impactful adaptation action happens at the local level. This is why the Policy Support Facility, under the Covenant of Mayors Europe, was launched by the European Commission to help local and regional authorities develop and implement climate adaptation measures, with a real emphasis on moving from the planning stage into implementation.

2024 Liège Declaration on Adaptation to Climate Change

A roadmap on adaptation to climate change in Europe was drafted by non-state actors gathered at the Climate Chance Europe Wallonia Summit, on February 8-9 2024 in Liège, under the auspices of the Belgian Presidency of the EU Council

Funding and Financing Guide — To support Regional Climate Adaptation

Discover the MIP4Adapt guide that directs regions and local authorities to sources for identifying opportunities in the dynamic climate finance landscape! It provides detail on the different financial sources under funding, financing, and mixed and alternative sources.

Smart EPC standardised Contract and Tender documentation

The standardised Smart EPC concept documentation is relevant for inventory data collection and analysis of the public lighting system. The purpose of the concept documentation is: The Smart […]

Equity in climate action: how can equity considerations be integrated into SECAP planning, implementation and monitoring processes?

Discover the Covenant of Mayors comprehensive guideline that supports local authorities to integrate equity into their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Planning (SECAP) processes, promoting fair and resilient responses to climate change.

Green Hysland – Brief n°6

Green Hysland’s sixth newsletter is here! Discover the latest updates of the last 6 months of operation, including the presentation of the Power to “Green Hydrogen Mallorca company”, created to operate the hydrogen production plant of the island.

Sustainable Futures: A Comprehensive Guide to One-Stop-Shops

“Setting up community energy one-stop-shops”, authored by the Energy Communities Repository, unveils the collaborative efforts taken by 27 European countries in the realm of sustainable energy. Dive into the diverse approaches, strategies, and successes shaping the future of energy across the continent.

Energy efficiency in regional planning: a European mapping in 10 different regions

How to implement energy efficiency policies and measures in regional and local planning? Learn more with the Regio1st mapping on regional planning procedures.