An array of studies, policy papers and reports are developed in the frame of FEDARENE’s activities and projects. The following documents are categorised by topic, type of publication and by projects.

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Digital solutions for energy communities: A short guidebook by the Energy Communities Repository

The Energy Communities Repository has compiled a guide with practical examples of digital solutions for energy communities in different scopes of application.

Smart EPC toolbox on Smart City and other ICT technology in EPC

The Smart EPC Handbook on Smart City and other ICT technology in Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) provides a comprehensive overview of energy-efficient public lighting and financing models.

Why Efficiency First?

Efficiency First: Why Prioritizing Energy Efficiency in Buildings Matters. Buildings represent 36% of the global final energy demand, and with limited grid capacity projected to reach just 14,000 GW by 2050, reducing energy demand is critical.

Gaps and barriers in current spatial planning practices

Read more about the capacity gap assessment conducted by IN-PLAN to know all about what is missing and what prevent cities and regions from effective spatial planning. #LifeINPLAN

Smart EPC – Newsletter n°1

A year into the project, the first edition aims to get you up to date with the team behind, together with their plans and achievements on the next generation of energy performance contracting.

QualDeEPC policy recommendations on Energy Performance Certificates

This document is the Conclusive policy recommendations guide containing EU level and general policy recommendations to Member States

Stocktake on available good planning practices

The “Stocktake on available good planning practices” report introduces an integrated vision for energy, climate, mobility, and spatial planning and takes stock of good planning practices to feed the “IN-PLAN practice”. #LifeINPLAN

Sustainable Regions in Action 2023

FEDARENE’s annual publication “Sustainable Regions in Action” consists of a unique collection of projects implemented by European regions and their energy agencies, as well as essential information about our Network and its activities.

Application pack for Replication Region and City

This EU call for replication region and city aims to give the opportunity for 5 regions and cities from across Europe to come to the Basque Country to see how the Opengela pilot offices work and bring back what they could replicate from the OPENGELA model to their territory.

Green Hysland – Brief n°4

Green Hysland’s fourth newsletter is here! Discover the latest updates of the last 6 months of operation, including the inauguration of the first green hydrogen plant in Spain, established in Mallorca in the framework of the project.