An array of studies, policy papers and reports are developed in the frame of FEDARENE’s activities and projects. The following documents are categorised by topic, type of publication and by projects.

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Opengela | Newsletter April 2022

Check out the 2nd Newsletter of the OPENGELA project!

Regional feasibility studies of new DH in Basque Country and Mazovia Region

Regional feasibility studies of new DH in consolidated urban environments, technical, financial, and administrative roadmaps

To RePowerEU: RePurpose Public action, ReDirect EU Funds and ReOrganise governance

Read the Covenant of Mayors – Europe’ proposals to get Europe on a firm ground towards peace and climate neutrality.

Covenant of Mayors’ Activity Annual Report 2021 out now!

Check out the latest Covenant of Mayors Europe report.

Sustainable Regions in Action 2022

FEDARENE’s annual publication “Sustainable Regions in Action” consists of a unique collection of projects implemented by European regions and their energy agencies, as well as essential information about our Network and its activities.

Report on 7 nationally adapted Deep Renovation Network Platform concepts

What is the Deep Renovation Network Platform mentioned in several QualDeEPC outputs? In short, it’s an online platform that supports market actors in deep energy renovation. In long, check out this report written by project partner ESCAN.

District heating cost modelling and advised billing cases

This report showcases the main findings from the RELaTED pilot sites of Tartu and Belgrade regarding the economic viability of their transition toward ultra-low temperature district heating

QualDeEPC Draft policy recommendations on Energy Performance Certificates

The QualDeEPC consortium published its EU draft policy recommendations, which take into consideration the recent recast of the EPBD. Check out the project’s propositions.

RELaTED newsletter No 8 is out

“The interventions in Iurreta, the United Nations School in Belgrade and the Energy Flex Houses are landmark projects which shall demonstrate the potentialities of the progressive distribution temperature reductions.” Roberto Garay, RELaTED Project Coordinator

The 2nd QualDeEPC newsletter is out

Perhaps this is the shortest review of the year you will read these days – 2020 was different. But QualDeEPC still made progress, check them out.