An array of studies, policy papers and reports are developed in the frame of FEDARENE’s activities and projects. The following documents are categorised by topic, type of publication and by projects.

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Sustainable Regions in Action 2020

FEDARENE’s yearly publication “Sustainable Regions in Action” gathers a unique collection of projects implemented by European regions and their energy agencies, as well as essential information about our Network and its activities.

The wait is over, the 4th RELaTED project newsletter is here!

What have the RELaTED project partners been up to recently? Take a tour through the last organised webinars, the General Assembly visits in Denmark, IAQVEC and HVAC&R Conferences and much more!

Flyers of OPENGELA now available in 3 languages

The Opengela project will be looking for ways to be replicated in other towns in the Basque Country and in other parts of Europe. For this to be possible, here is all the basic information that has allowed us to set in motion the one-stop-shop offices for the integrated regeneration of neighbourhoods.

Energy flexibility and District Heating Control

The activities carried out under the RELaTED project address the need for increased energy efficiency and ne management strategies in relation to ULT DH. Installing smart meters allows for increased insight into the conditions of networks and installations and by the use of machine learning to utilize these data in new algorithms and tools.

Main strategic and economic issues of ULT district heating for new development areas

The following article summarises the main strategic and economic issues to be considered in developing new ultra-low temperature district heating (ULT DH) for new development areas.

3rd RELaTED Newsletter is out

Check out the 3rd Newsletter of the RELaTED project to get the latest news

Development schemes for new district heating developments

How can low-temperature concepts be applied in new urban developments? Check out this set of guidelines based on best practices as most new urban development areas are different about visions, DH network topology, temperature levels, buildings installations, tariff structure, management etc.

2nd ManagEnergy Newsletter

2nd edition of the ManagEnergy Newsletter.

The RELaTED concept for Ultra-low temperature district heating

RELaTED will define ultra-low temperature district heating systems as: district heating systems that supply heating to the customers at a temperature level where production of domestic hot water requires a supplementary heat source to deliver satisfactory domestic hot water temperatures.

Read the 2nd Newsletter of the RELaTED Project

This second newsletter of RELaTED provides an insight to the progress of our concept for the de-carbonisation of District Heating (DH) networks.