An array of studies, policy papers and reports are developed in the frame of FEDARENE’s activities and projects. The following documents are categorised by topic, type of publication and by projects.

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«Opengela has made it easier for us to rehabilitate not only buildings in Otxarkoaga, but also spaces that were in disuse»

The 4th edition of the OPENGELA Newsletter is out, just on time to prepare the New year! Check out what happens on 15th of March 2022.

The 3rd QualDeEPC newsletter is out!

What is happening in QualDeEPC? The 3rd Newsletter is there. Check it out under a warm blanket.

Green Hysland – Brief n°2

Green Hysland’s second newsletter is here! Discover the latest updates of the last 6 months of operation, including the recognition of the project by the Commission President and more exciting news.

FEDARENE Info 52 – Focus on European Integrated Renovation Services

For this autumn edition, we dive into a key topic of the renovation wave: one-stop-shops and renovation services.

ePLANET Leaflet

European Public Local Authorities‘ Network for driving the Energy Transition – Introduction Leaflet

FEDARENE Info 51 – Focus on Planning for Carbon Neutrality

Summer is just around the corner and we decided to welcome this new season early with a brand new FEDARENE Info on carbon neutrality and long term climate & energy planning.

FEDARENE Info 50 — Focus on District Heating and Cooling

Our 2021 Spring Edition of the FEDARENE Info is out! This season, we focus on District Heating and Cooling – a sector that could become one of the most important contributors to the EU Green Deal and Energy Transition.

ENERGee WATCH Curriculum and Learning Materials

The 4 handbooks, one per learning course, present the context of the project, a description of the mentors and an overview of the content of each course.

Multi-level Governance in (Climate) Action – Co-creating policy solutions to tackle climate change

What does MLG mean in practice? What role does it play in policy-making and in accelerating climate and energy action? Why is MLG considered to be such a key element of the Covenant Europe?
Read the latest publication of the Coveanant of Mayors Europe Office on Multi-level Governance to find out the answers.