An array of studies, policy papers and reports are developed in the frame of FEDARENE’s activities and projects. The following documents are categorised by topic, type of publication and by projects.

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Enhanced EPC assessment, certification and use

Building on your feedback on the QualDeEPC’s Green paper published in 2020, discover the advanced White Paper on good practice in EPC assessment, certification, and use.

OPENGELA White Book on replicable One-Stop-Shop model

The “White Book on replicable One-Stop-Shop model” aims to facilitate the implementation of the Opengela Program in the Basque Country, exposing its operational characteristics, and main milestones and indicators to guide the Program’s scalability.

Alpine Microgrid Model

Find out more about microgrids, solutions, energy communities, ALPRGRIDS’ pilots and their plans.

«I hope that Opengela will be a reference for other urban environments and inspire other initiatives»

The 2nd OPENGELA newsletter is out! Check out the latest news on Basque urban regeneration.

Green Hysland – Brief n°1

Green Hysland’s first newsletter is here! Discover the project goals and first actions, its partners and some relevant events related to green hydrogen.

FEDARENE responds to the consultation on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

As the EU Renovation Wave aims to double the annual energy renovation rate of buildings by 2030 and to foster deep renovations, regions and their energy agencies are ready to step-up to the task.

Guidebook for Achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2050

Eager to contribute to your city/region’s transition to carbon neutrality but don’t know where to start? Read the C-Track 50 Guidebook to find out all the key steps to start planning while getting inspired by best practices from the project.

RELaTED newsletter n°7 is out now!

What happened in the past months with the RELaTED project? Luckily, the 7th project’s newsletter has them all in one place!

Guide to set up your own City Facility

The European City Facility, a pilot to replicate in your own territory to support local projects!

Sustainable Regions in Action 2021

FEDARENE’s yearly publication “Sustainable Regions in Action” gathers a unique collection of projects implemented by European regions and their energy agencies, as well as essential information about our Network and its activities.