An array of studies, policy papers and reports are developed in the frame of FEDARENE’s activities and projects. The following documents are categorised by topic, type of publication and by projects.

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2nd ManagEnergy Newsletter

2nd edition of the ManagEnergy Newsletter.

The RELaTED concept for Ultra-low temperature district heating

RELaTED will define ultra-low temperature district heating systems as: district heating systems that supply heating to the customers at a temperature level where production of domestic hot water requires a supplementary heat source to deliver satisfactory domestic hot water temperatures.

Read the 2nd Newsletter of the RELaTED Project

This second newsletter of RELaTED provides an insight to the progress of our concept for the de-carbonisation of District Heating (DH) networks.

Energy Price Assessment: an insight to energy costs in the context of District Heating

This document is a comprehensive review of heat production technologies and associated fuels. Present, medium and long-term energy costs are evaluated, and business cases for DH are identified. Local constraints, such as availability of biomass, geothermal energy, and supply sources for fossil fuels such as gas and oil are considered. The particular cases of security of supply are considered for the case of unique suppliers (e.g. Russian natural gas) in order to avoid excessive price volatility.

1st ManagEnergy Newsletter

First Edition of the ManagEnergy Newsletter

Unglazed Solar Thermal Systems for Building Integration, coupled with DH systems

In this paper, the energy performance of a solar thermal (ST) façade system is studied in relation to its connection to a district heating system.

Discover RELaTED in its 1st newsletter

Discover the very first newsletter of the RELaTED project !

Know more about Low-Temperature District Heating solutions

All you need to know about RELaTED in a nutshell!

DATA4ACTION publishable Report

The general purpose of DATA4ACTION was the establishment of long-term data exchange models in sustainable energy planning, through cooperation between public authorities and energy data […]