REMARKABLE aids Överkalix municipality towards climate neutrality

Överkalix municipality in the north of Sweden has set ambitious goals, committing to achieving climate neutrality by 2035; a decade ahead of the nation and fifteen years ahead of the EU.

REMARKABLE aids Överkalix municipality towards climate neutrality

Local leadership plays a role in the implementation of the European Green Deal. The REMARKABLE Climate Leaders project supports local leadership across Europe.

The targets of the municipality include a 50% increase in energy efficiency by 2030 compared to 2005, along with a commitment to 100% renewable electricity production by 2030. 

In a proactive move, Överkalix municipality has committed to training all staff and politicians through the Climate Leadership Programme, with over 320 participants slated to undergo training. Mayor Niclas Hökfors and Executive Chief Jan Johansson both participated in the program, culminating in the collaborative development of a climate neutrality roadmap for the municipality.  

Following their involvement in the Remarkable project, Överkalix municipality has emerged as a leader in the energy transition, diligently working towards the goals outlined in the EU Green Deal and Fit for 55 initiatives. This effort is particularly noteworthy considering the municipality lacked specific climate or energy targets and policy instruments prior to their involvement. 

Without Remarkable, none of this would have been achievable.

Mayor Niclas Hökfors

”The acquisition of new knowledge and support has paved the way for our journey to climate neutrality. While undoubtedly a challenge, we now have clarity on our objectives and where to commence our efforts.” continues Niclas Hökfors.