REMARKABLE Climate Leaders Circle Digital Lunch: A hub for sustainable collaboration

The Climate Leaders Circle Digital Lunch goes beyond conventional virtual meetings, symbolizing a commitment to sustainability by offering a dynamic platform for continuous communication and collaboration among climate leaders.

REMARKABLE Climate Leaders Circle Digital Lunch: A hub for sustainable collaboration

In a determined move to amplify the impact of the REMARKABLE Climate Leaders project, FEDARENE announces the launch of the Climate Leaders Circle Digital Lunch. This virtual rendezvous is not merely a casual gathering but a strategic initiative aimed at extending the vibrant community and promoting sustained collaboration among climate leaders across diverse EU regions.

Leaders hailing from various corners of Europe can now seamlessly connect, exchanging ideas and fostering collaboration without the environmental burden of travel. By facilitating continuous dialogue, the Digital Lunch lays the groundwork for an enduring network of climate leaders committed to driving positive environmental change.

Diverse perspectives, innovative solutions

The Climate Leaders Circle thrives on diverse perspectives and meaningful discussions, encouraging leaders to share practical tools and solutions, and fostering innovation. As the REMARKABLE Climate Leaders project progresses, the Digital Lunch showcases the strength of unity and collective action in tackling the pressing challenges of climate change.

Pilot Digital Lunch

The pilot Digital Lunch features Raul Garcia Brink, a Counselor for Environment, Climate, Energy, and Knowledge of the Canary Islands. His 20-minute talk on Local Climate Leadership and strategies to Drive Change on the Local level promises to be enlightening and transformative.

🗓️ Thursday, 11 January 2024 🕐 13:15-14:00 CET 📍 Your favourite lunch spot

The meeting opens its virtual doors at 13:00 for the climate neutrality eat & chat corner.