REMARKABLE Climate Leaders Podcast is back with Season 2!

Season 2 of The Remarkable Climate Leaders Podcast delves into the journeys of four extraordinary leaders across Europe.

REMARKABLE Climate Leaders Podcast is back with Season 2!

From innovative entrepreneurs to public servants, each episode provides a profound exploration of the strategies, obstacles, and successes of these climate champions.

Meet REMARKABLE Climate Leaders

You will be introduced to Mariia Alipatova, CEO & Founder of Solar Optic, whose deep-tech illumination system is revolutionizing energy efficiency and cutting carbon emissions by up to 80%. We’ll also meet Ricardo Gonzalez Mantero, head of External Relations at the Regional Energy Agency Castilla y Leon, whose decades-long commitment to promoting renewable energy has made Castilla y León a beacon of green innovation in Spain.

Next, Gordana Lalić, Director of the City of Poreč-Parenzo municipal company, takes center stage in another episode, sharing her inspiring efforts to make the Croatian town of Poreč a model of sustainability and climate resilience. And finally, Niclas Hökfors, a municipal councilor in Överkalix, Sweden, will share his community-focused approach to driving climate action and fostering sustainable practices at the local level.

Through interviews and compelling narratives, Season 2 of the REMARKABLE Climate Leaders Podcast invites you to witness firsthand the passion, ingenuity, and determination driving these leaders forward!