Stand with Ukraine

FEDARENE expresses its support to Ukrainians in a short statement, reminding how essential European solidarity is in the face of this terrible war.

Stand with Ukraine

FEDARENE, the European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment,  expresses its support to the people of Ukraine whose freedom and territorial sovereignty have been violated, and who are showing great courage in these dark and uncertain times.

In 2017, in our Berlin Declaration “Stand together for a united Europe”, we stated that “The European Union was established with the vision to ban the threat of war and ensure lasting peace and cooperation.”

Today, these words resonate even louder. More than ever, European countries, regions and citizens need to stand together and deliver a common response to this unprecedented threat, and show solidarity with Ukrainians.

While the future looks unsure, this should not affect our commitment and defence of European values of democracy, peace, and solidarity. On the contrary, may these difficult times bring us closer together.