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Sufficiency Manifesto: towards a Resilient and Resource-wise Europe

FEDARENE and more than 70 organisations call on the EU to mainstream energy sufficiency into its legislative framework, for a more sustainable future.

Sufficiency Manifesto: towards a Resilient and Resource-wise Europe

Ahead of the June 2024 European Parliament elections, FEDARENE co-signed, with more than 70 other European-wide organisations, a manifesto for sufficiency in Europe, calling on EU decision-makers to make sufficiency a central element of the EU’s next strategic agenda.

With organisations from civil society, academia, cities and local authorities, businesses, and public service operators, we call for a real EU regulatory framework, enhancing the sufficiency as a key solution for the energy transition.

“Despite a long-lasting call from a wide range of stakeholders across Europe, energy sufficiency is still the missing piece of the Green Deal. To respond effectively to the growing demand for energy, resources, and materials in the EU, the next European Commission will have to propose a comprehensive sufficiency strategy, aiming to integrate it into all relevant policies. It is also a matter of energy security and independence. In a multi-crisis geopolitical context, more than ever, we need to question our needs and energy use practices. Sufficiency also has the potential to help us reach climate neutrality, and to improve the quality of life of all Europeans, towards a more sustainable future.”

Declares Marie-Laure Falque-Masset, FEDARENE vice-president on energy sufficiency.

The coalition of signing organisations asserts that the EU can lead the change to meet climate and energy targets, enhance well-being, competitiveness, and resilience, and foster strategic investments. This entails policies, measures, and daily practices aimed at curbing the demand for these resources while ensuring human well-being for all within the constraints of planetary boundaries. The manifesto lays out sector-specific recommendations spanning transport, energy, buildings, spatial planning, materials, products, food, and water, bolstered by taxation and finance support.

Read the press release here and discover in the manifesto our recommendations to put sufficiency at the heart of the EU strategic agenda: