SURVEY: Climate adaptation needs of regions

Respond to the survey launched by REGILIENCE until the 31st of March to highlight the needs of your region.

SURVEY: Climate adaptation needs of regions

In the framework of our project REGILIENCE, FEDARENE invites you to support the collection of bottom-up baseline information and needs from European regions on climate adaptation. To this end, we developed a survey to gather relevant information from people that have experience with or interest in climate adaptation and resilience.

Why should you complete the survey?

REGILIENCE wants to provide engagement and support actions (e.g. region-specific workshops, helpdesk, peer-to-peer mentorship, testing of innovative public-private partnerships) tailored to the needs of regions.

Therefore, we would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to answer the questions which are available in all European languages. The survey is completely anonymous.

Why is your contribution particularly important for the REGILIENCE partners?

All European regions will be impacted by the effects of the changing climate. This survey allows to address your needs and helps us to accordingly design future engage opportunities in the framework of the Mission Climate Adaptation and Societal Transformation, a chance that may be of interest to you.REGILIENCE will mainly focus its support actions to the most impacted regions within Europe and additionally provide information and support actions for all European regions. 


REGILIENCE aims to support cities and regions in their efforts towards building climate-resilient pathways, with the implementation of almost 700 activities (events, webinars, twinning, helpdesks, media, etc.) to share experiences, learn from failure, provide guidance and disseminate knowledge and tools.