The Energy Saving Sprint: fast and low-cost measures to reduce energy consumption

Check what European cities are doing to reduce their energy consumption and join the Energy Saving Sprint Campaign!

The Energy Saving Sprint: fast and low-cost measures to reduce energy consumption

The Cities Energy Saving Sprint is a joint initiative of the European Commission, the Covenant of Mayors – Europe and the European Committee of the Regions to encourage cities to take measures that will immediately reduce their energy consumption.

As part of the REPowerEU plan, increasing energy savings is key to preparing for next winter. Every kw/h saved now will allow us to refill the storage tanks and be better prepared for next winter. Every gram of GHG avoided in the coming months will be an important step, not only for the climate, but also as an act of solidarity with Ukraine. It is therefore important to act now and during the cold season to come.

In parallel with all the measures for profound changes, reduction of consumption and energy transition, there is an urgent need to take emergency energy saving measures today and to plan for energy consumption reductions during the coming winter. Municipalities have a crucial role to play here.


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