Watch the virtual ManagEnergy Talk with Cara Augustenborg

For its third edition, ManagEnergy has invited Dr. Cara Augustenborg for a virtual chat, don’t miss it!

Watch the virtual ManagEnergy Talk with Cara Augustenborg

The ManagEnergy Talks explore innovative, ambitious and transformative actions led by local/regional actors. It seeks to inspire others to spearhead the drive for investment and action on sustainable energy. They are meant to serve as a forum for the discussion of new political initiatives, legislative processes or financial innovations from the different perspectives of all relevant stakeholders.

For its third edition, ManagEnergy has invited Dr Cara Augustenborg, environmental scientist, Fellow in Environmental Policy at University College Dublin and an honorary member of the President of Ireland’s Council of State. She was recently named 2020 Woman of Influence at the Irish Women’s Awards and the Independent newspaper called her one of the 20 people leading the low carbon transition in Ireland in 2016. 

Dr Augustenborg delivered a virtual and interactive talk about Europe’s Transition to a Fossil-free Economy. She examined the many co-benefits of addressing the climate challenge along with the risks of exacerbating other environmental and societal challenges in the process. She also highlighted changes in how climate change has been framed through her experience in the media and with civil society.