We are building back the website

The FEDARENE team works on building back the website after it was destroyed in the fires in the OVH datacenter.

We are building back the website

During the night of March 9, important fires were declared in the OVH datacenter in Strasbourg, where the FEDARENE website was hosted. No one was hurt during the fires. Unfortunately, our website was destroyed in the fires, and we lost a lot of our content.

This means the FEDARENE website is starting from scratch.

The FEDARENE team actively works to restore the content from the old website and transfer as much content as possible to this new version. However, it is highly possible some content will not be retrieved and is definitely lost. If you are looking for information that is no longer on the website, please contact We will do the utmost possible to help you.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and support while we build back the FEDARENE website.