FEDARENE Webinar: The energy dimension of Circular Economy

Find out all about the energy dimension of circular economy such as the biogas potential, public procurement, etc.

Speakers’ slides

Upon the publication of the new Circular Economy Action Plan by the European Commission, circular economy has become a central topic in climate change discussion. Circular material use can minimise waste and resource extraction, improve resource efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to conserving biodiversity. Yet, most circular economy initiatives in Europe are still at an early stage and would benefit from more investments in upscaling promising innovations and in monitoring progress towards circularity.

This second webinar focused on the energy dimension of circular economy: biogas potential, public procurement, etc. We discussed the case of Finland’s waste treatment methods and the Circwaste Project designed for Central Finland. We looked at how the energy transition meets the objectives of circular economy by illustrating the concept of urban metabolism and finally, discovered the renewable gas potential of Belgium.

About the webinar series

In case you missed it, FEDARENE‘s Webinar Series on Circular Economy can help you learn how to become a frontrunner in Europe’s transition towards a more sustainable and competitive system! These seminars touched upon the many different aspects of circular economy, from biogas production to public procurement, waste management and recycling. The series included insights about local and regional initiatives from renowned experts and EU representatives. 

This Webinar is part of FEDARENE’s Circular Economy Webinar Series: