Paris Region Institute

Established by the Île-de-France Region, the Paris Region Institute aims, through its energy and Climate Department, to facilitate and accelerate energy transition and adaptation to climate change by assisting communities and other players in the Paris region.

Paris Region Institute

Areas of intervention

Its main areas of intervention are energy sufficiency, energy efficiency and renovation, renewable energies, energy and climate plans, adaptation to climate change, circular economy, planning and sustainable buildings, energy and climate data.


Focusing on cross-sectoral, participatory and multi-stakeholder approaches, AREC, the regional energy and climate agency :

  • produces and disseminate data and knowledge;
  • provides expertise for the development of public policies in the Paris region;
  • supports iconic and innovative climate energy initiatives and projects;
  • raises awareness and trains the actors of the Ile-de-France.

As a climate energy department, AREC carries out its missions in close collaboration with the other departments in order to mobilize multidisciplinary teams.


The AREC’s missions are organized around four axes:

Observation and production of knowledge at the service of energy and climate transition in Île-de-France

  • Production and dissemination of relevant data and indicators on energy and climate issues in Île-de-France, in particular within the framework of the ROSE (Energy and GHG observatory).
  • Conduct of various studies, benchmarks, recommendations, etc.
  • Support to the elaboration and the implementation of energy and climate strategies.

Support for the development and implementation of energy and climate policies in Île-de-France.

  • Providing expertise and support to the Regional Council of Île-de-France in the development and monitoring of its various policies, regional calls for projects in the fields of climate, air, energy and their interactions with other sectoral policies (economic development, training, housing …).
  • Support for policies carried by the State services or their agencies in terms of energy renovation of buildings, development of renewable energies, mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Engineering and expertise to support the design, implementation and evaluation of energy climate projects and integrated territorial approaches

  • Advice and support for the development of sufficiency and energy efficiency projects and strategies: construction and renovation of buildings, materials and technologies, etc.
  • Technical and methodological support for renewable and recovered energy projects, especially on solar and biomass (wood energy and biogas).
  • Accompaniment of experimental and / or innovative projects to learn lessons and recommendations: sustainable development, equity financing, territorial strategies for circular economy, etc.
  • Assistance in drawing up and implementing of Territorial climate, air and energy plans

Information, sensitization and training of players in the Paris region on climate energy issues

  • Dissemination of knowledge and good practices through the organization of conferences, webinars, site visits and the production of brochures and guidelines.
  • Increase the skills of the actors, in particular elected officials and technicians of the local authorities, by designing adapted educational tools and by organizing training and cycles of workshops.
  • Animation of networks at the regional level and infra to accompany the energy and climate transition: hydrogen Club, local energy and climate agencies, energy transition
  • Exchange of good practices at national, European, and international levels.

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