Creating awareness, inspiring action: The international exhibition climate & Me

The exhibition Climate & Me was conceptualised and produced in 2022 as a roll-up exhibition for the international stage. It explains the causes and consequences of climate change, highlighting everyone’s possible contribution to climate protection and adaptation.

Creating awareness, inspiring action: The international exhibition climate & Me

So far, its journey has crossed Europe from east (Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina) to west (Golm, Austria). It has been showcased in a total of 20 locations in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovakia, presented in three different languages.

The exhibition comprises 15 colorful roll-ups and explores six central thematic areas: Travel and Mobility, Electricity and Energy, Construction and Housing, Waste and Recycling, Food and Drink, and Consumption and Lifestyle. The presented data and figures illustrate how personal behavior influences the climate. The vibrant design makes these complex topics especially accessible.

Climate & Me not only informs but also motivates and inspires individuals to take active steps within their spheres of influence. Therefore, the exhibition is an effective tool for raising awareness and presenting concrete alternatives for action. For this reason, it is often booked by communities and organisations. The exhibition Climate & Me succinctly presents the key facts about climate change. It speaks to everyone personally and provides tips for everyday climate-friendly actions.

As a versatile instrument for environmental and awareness education, the Climate & Me exhibition proves particularly useful as an inspiring platform for discussions and engagement at events and meetings, in schools and universities, museums, and other educational institutions.

After consulting with the Energy and Environmental Agency of Lower Austria (eNu), a translation of the international exhibition into your local language can be coordinated in collaboration with the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Presentations of the exhibition are possible until June 2025. eNu warmly invites you to book this inspiring exhibition.

This best practice is extracted from our publication ‘Sustainable Regions in Action‘. Discover more best practices here!