Establishment of the Energy Centre of the Ústí Region

The Ústí Region, Czech Republic, has recently established its own Energy Agency, with the intention of becoming an active member of the Union for Community Energy as well as benefiting from best practices sharing across Europe.

Establishment of the Energy Centre of the Ústí Region

The Energy Centre of the Ústí Region (ECUK), a state-funded institution, was established in August 2022 to fulfill regional energy policies stipulated in the Energy Plan of the region. ECUK activities are focused on the energy performance optimisation of all objects owned by the Ústí Region and increasing energy production from renewable sources.

Furthermore, with respect to the strategic project called the Transformation Centre of the Ústi Region, ECUK will offer its services within the region, primarily to the public administration with a particular focus on municipalities and cities.

A key tool for the energy system administration is the Regional Energy Management (KEM). Its scope covers activities from energy and water consumption monitoring to data collection and subsequent analysis. KEM’s objective is not only to integrate data on the energy consumption of all objects owned by the Ústí Region, but also available documents, such as project documentation, EPCs and more.

As a result, ECUK would have comprehensive data for every energy consumer at its disposal and concentrated in one place. The Regional Energy Management would be also offered to the cities and municipalities in the Ústí Region. ECUK is looking into opportunities for the implementation of the Regional Energy Management System (EnMS) in line with the CSN EN ISO 50001 standard. This includes its following certification for all organisations established by the Ústí Region including the Regional Office. EnMS implementation would be the next logical step for putting the Regional Energy Management System into practice.

ECUK intends to become an active member of the Union for Community Energy (UKEN). UKEN membership would provide the Ústí Region with access to detailed information about the preparation of legislative standards in the field of energy communities and simultaneously access to basic data required for the energy communities’ development. An advantage of the membership is also a best practice-sharing network across Europe. Last but not least, our objective is to initiate an establishment of the Energy Community Platform of the Ústí Region, on whose basis we would like to practically contribute to the development of community energy in the Ústí Region.


This best practice is issued from our publication “Sustainable Regions in Action 2023”. Find out more by clicking here to discover many more best practices from FEDARENE members as well as an overview of our activities.