Rénov’Occitanie, the Occitanie Region’s public service for energy renovation

Rénov’Occitanie is a one-stop-shop led by the Occitanie Region and the Occitanie Regional Energy and Climate Agency (AREC) that provides information on home energy renovation.

Rénov’Occitanie, the Occitanie Region’s public service for energy renovation

AREC Occitania – Regional Energy and Climate Agency is the representative of the Integrated Public Service for Energy Renovation on behalf of the Occitania Region. The service Rénov’Occitanie is being implemented in the Hautes-Pyrénées by the Department and its partners.

Within the framework, the AREC proposes to all citizens of the Occitania Region a technical, administrative and financial support service for the renovation of private housing in Occitania.

This service includes, among other things, an offer of a subsidised loan carried by AREC and aims to facilitate the financing of the remaining costs of the operations beyond public aid.


  • Promote quality work and adapted financing plans
  • Improve winter and summer comfort
  • To aim for a balanced budget
  • Enhance the value of the heritage

Deployment of the activity

The Rénov’Occitanie activity is being deployed to offer citizens of the region service to accompany them in energy renovation projects for their homes with a 2-step process:

  1. Definition of the home improvement project
  • Energy audit
  • Delivery of a report with at least two work scenarios (-40% and BBC Renovation)
  • Establishment of a financing plan.
  1. Accompanying the work
  • Analysis of estimates
  • Assistance in writing applications for grants
  • Assistance to the project owner for the follow-up and acceptance of the work (2 visits)
  • Consumption monitoring