RESAP Launch – The Renewable Energy Sources Advisory Platform

Read how MIEMA has been supporting local stakeholders in the introduction of renewable energy sources in their buildings/facilities through the RESAP platform (Renewable Energy Sources Advisory Platform).

RESAP Launch – The Renewable Energy Sources Advisory Platform

The Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency (MIEMA) has been very active in supporting local stakeholders in the implementation of energy-related initiatives since its setting up in 2007. As part of its local activities, MIEMA is currently in the process of launching the RESAP platform (Renewable Energy Sources Advisory Platform) with the aim of supporting public administrations, SMEs and private citizens to develop targeted plans for the introduction of renewable energy sources in their buildings/facilities. In particular, through the platform, MIEMA will be able to support its stakeholders in the drafting, development and implementation of energy efficiency action plans (e.g. SECAPs) as well as small tailored interventions for the integration of RES in a facility.

The platform is addressed to 2 main types of users:

  • Public authorities and local public entities: the advisory service intends to overcome the lack of energy managers in Maltese public entities, offering MIEMA’s technical expertise.
  • SMEs and enterprises, both national and international: the platform is specially addressed to the island of Gozo, which lacks big enterprises that can take care of a complete retrofitting/refurbishment project and the lack of ESCOs which can assist in the financing of energy projects. Therefore the platform has a dedicated section which can be used to bring together SMEs and enterprises and promote the establishment of partnerships which can implement such projects.

Other than the virtual advisory office and the SMEs section, the platform also includes sections dedicated to RES technologies suitable for the Maltese archipelago and available financing instruments (both national and European) for energy efficiency, RES installation and retrofitting/refurbishment of buildings. This information section also contains news on training and conferences on EE and financing instruments that are held in Malta.

Finally, the platform contains a networking space where the users can discuss and exchange opinions, ideas and experiences: a forum which is divided into thematic sections and moderated by the platform webmaster shall be available.

The RESAP tools shall be made available to all stakeholders whereby users can register for free. The platform is being implemented as part of the local action plan elaborated through the ENERSELVES project (co-financed by the Interreg Europe Programme – ERDF).

The platform has been launched in January 2020 !