Clustering governance – ePLANET main results

ePLANET most engaged stakeholders gathered on Wednesday 31st of May to discuss the project results on clustering governance and to share regional best practices regarding Multi-Level Governance (MLG).

Clustering governance – ePLANET main results

ICAEN partners, Marta Chafer and Josep Maria Granollers took the opportunity of the 7th Stakeholder Forum to share their results on clustering governance. After a reminder of governance’s main concepts, they gave an overview of the actors involved in the Energy Transition (ET) governance of each pilot region.

Their analysis in each pilot region has led to the conceptualisation of two new actors to accelerate the deployment of ET actions in the scope of ePLANET project. The first actor is the Public Advisor in Energy Transition (PAET) who is in charge of promoting the clustering governance in the drafting of local ET plans and through their implementation. The second actor is the ePLANET Platform Advisor (ePPA) whose role is to ensure continuity of support for using the platform.

In Crete and Girona regions, the ICAEN and CRES agencies would coordinate regional PAETs in charge of clustering governance of municipalities. For the Zlín region the situation is different since EAZK is a regional agency and there is no agency at the state or national level. The main challenge would therefore be to designate an actor clustering the PAETs governance activities and aggregating them at the national level.

Finally, the Forum was also an opportunity for ePLANET pilot regions to share their perspective on governance models and share their experiences. We warmly thank everyone for the great discussion that followed. We learnt a lot about the challenges faced in the different regions. The main points to emerge from the talks were the need for technical expertise and appropriate funding to finance the actors in charge of clustering governance.

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