Energy Agency of the Zlín Region

The EAZK is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2006 and is fully owned by the Zlín Region.

Energy Agency of the Zlín Region

The EAZK (Energy Agency of the Zlín Region) is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2006 and is fully owned by the Zlín Region.

The scope of EAZK activities includes mainly:

  • Energy consultancy leading to increasing of the energy efficiency and self sufficiency
  • Dissemination and good practice promotion
  • Initiation and preparation of energy focused projects
  • Support to establishment of energy management in municipalities and regional authorities
  • International cooperation on preparation and promotion of energy consultancy and projects
  • Organization of training courses, seminars, and other educational meetings incl. lecturers’ activities
  • Organization of exhibitions, fair trades, shows, selling campaigns etc.

The EAZK operates as an advisor for particular departments of the Regional office of the Zlín Region, especially for those who are in charge of regional development – Department of the Strategic Development of the Zlín Region, Department of Investments, Department of Spatial Planning etc. The EAZK initiates or at least comments all suggestions that concerns energy policy of the region and that are further negotiated by the Council of the Zlín Region.

The EAZK also supports the region and its municipalities to gain financial sources from existing funds to develop their own SEAPs, development plans and EE and RES projects. Agency operates also as an independent advisor for municipalities of the Zlín Region in their process of development of their own SEAPs. The agency acts as a negotiator between politicians and municipalities on one side and consultancy companies, central heating systems operators and energy suppliers on the other side. Expected results include new/improved municipal Energy plans for increase of energy efficiency, and renewables utilization, balanced and reliable energy supply.

Thanks to its nature the Energy agency of the Zlín Region has the access to all reliable regional databases and documents on the potential of the region.

The EAZK participates in suggesting and implementation of strategic documents and policies of the Zlín Region in the field of energy, environment, and innovations. Representatives of the agency are involved in the process of consultation and suggesting of national legislative documents and policies as members of various committees and working groups both on regional and national level.

Since the beginning of its existence in 2006 EAZK have been joining many European projects which have become an important part of the development towards being a modern, successful and independent energy agency in the field of energy efficiency and RES utilisation. Among these projects belong for example SRCPlus (, BOOSTEE-CE (, LC DISTRICTS ( and many others.

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