In December 1993, within the framework of implementing regional energy policy and in pursuit of establishing Crete as preferential area for extensive applications of Renewable Energy Sources in Europe and in Mediterranean, the Region of Crete has founded the Regional Energy Agency.


In December 1993, within the framework of implementing regional energy policy the Region of Crete has founded its Regional Energy Agency (REAC), which is operative via the Regional Development Fund of Crete.

The main idea was that the island of Crete, disposing a large variety of social and economic activities, with well defined “borders” and with high potential of energy saving and of Renewable Energy Sources, is suitable place for the implementation of new regional energy and climate policies and technologies of energy innovation and entrepreneurship through multilevel governance.

 Currently, Crete disposes nearly all kind of renewable energy sources and technologies: 25 wind farms (200,2 MW), 480.000mof Solar Thermal Systems, Photovoltaics (105 MW), Solar (shallow) geothermal systems, biomass (thermal energy from the olive kernel),3 biogas installations etc. Energy saving in public and private buildings and industry, energy innovation and technology transfer, energy planning for local authorities are some of the recent projects.

The areas of excellence of the Agency are:
Energy, Environment – Climate Change, Renewable Energy Sources, Clean Energy Transition, Energy Saving and Rational Use of Energy, Energy Innovation and European and International Co-operation.

 Objectives of REAC

  • Contribute to the development of the Regional Energy and Climate Policy, in close co-operation with all the responsible bodies at local and regional level and in accordance with the National and European Energy and Climate Policy and the Green Deal.
  • Participate in European and National energy projects, programs and networks
  • Promote European, Mediterranean and international co-operation
  • Provide neutral consultancy services to interested bodies.
  • Promote-through information, dissemination, awareness-innovative technologies, good practices and success stories
  • Organize technology transfer, exchange of experiences, training courses, seminars, conferences and to raise awareness of citizens and consumers
  • Coordinate the energy projects and activities of several regional and local bodies (“Covenant of Mayors”), to combine them with other Community or National programs (Innovation, Environment, Tourism, circular economy, decarbonization etc.)

Policy and planning

  • A sustainable energy policy and programming for the Region of Crete has been elaborated and promoted – continuous support and cooperation developed with local authorities for the “Covenant of Mayors” and the “Covenant of Islands” initiatives.
  • An Action and Implementation Plan for sustainable energy and climate adaptation and change, as well as, a Clear Energy Transition Plan  of the island of  Crete has been elaborated and promoted.

Programs and Projects

More than 70 European competitive and national projects have been implemented  in all related fields.

In parallel, the Regional Energy Agency of Crete participates actively in National and European networks: FEDARENE, The European Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign, the ManagEnergy Initiative etc

Other Activities

  • REAC is an official territorial coordinator for the Region of Crete for the “Covenant of Mayors” initiative as well as for the Clear Energy Transition of the island of Crete;
  • The Agency has developed very rich and diversified activities in organizing various events: conferences, workshops, working meetings, seminars-technical visits and participated in many regional, national European and international conferences, workshops, exhibitions etc.;
  • A great number of specific leaflets and videos have been produced and distributed to schools, citizens, «target groups» etc., realizing public campaigns;
  • Systematic information campaigns are realized in schools of all Educational levels. Students, teachers, and parents are informed in cooperation with Educational Authorities.
  • Training courses for not employed scientists and engineers have been realized;

In 2001, the Region of Crete and its Energy Agency has been honored by the European Commission with the first award for the Best Regional Renewable Energy Partnership (in the framework of the 2001 Campaign for Take-off Awards).

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