Discover Regio1st, a new project on the Energy Efficiency First principle

Launched in November 2022, this new project funded under the LIFE programme of the European Union aims to provide a decision-support tool and capacity building for regional stakeholders to embed the EE1st principle in regional planning processes.

Discover Regio1st, a new project  on the Energy Efficiency First principle

The project is coordinated by the Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy (IEECP). Basing its action over three years (2022-2025) in six pilot regions, Regio1st aims to raise awareness about the EE1st principle among regional governments, their agencies and relevant stakeholders. It seeks to support them in making related decisions which enable to embed the EE1st in their planning, with a tailored approach adapted to each region’s structures and practices.

Starting from six participant regions represented in the project consortium (Asturias, Liguria, the area of Carlow, Kilkenny, Wexford and Waterford, Medjimurje, Spodnje Podravje and Western Macedonia), the project will expand and reach 100 regions across the European Union.

Strongly attached to the multi-level governance approach, the project and its consortium will establish a community of practice on EE1st in cooperation with initiatives such as the Covenant of Mayors – Europe to ensure political commitment, ownership and acceptance of the principle at all relevant policy levels.

Regio1st launch event

The project launch event will take place on the 23rd of February from 10:30 to 12:00 CET.