All things Energy Forum

All Things Energy Forum is high-level international digital event gathering stakeholders in the contemporary energy field with policymakers and industries for a two and half day event.

From the 02 June 2021 to the 04 June 2021

All things Energy Forum is an international digital conference, that will engage all the stakeholders in the contemporary energy field in an interactive dialogue. This high-level event will deal with all six mega phenomena in a novel manner, combining different approaches and contemplating interrelated impacts.

The world’s current situation is unlike anything we have experienced in our generation and characterised by great Uncertainty. At the moment, we found ourselves having to face six mega phenomena that are:

  1. A sustained Pandemic: Covid-19 is still spreading very fast, leading us into a third wave and the world’s population is not getting jabbed fast enough;
  2. Economics: as a result of the pandemic and a recovery that is estimated to be weak;
  3. Energy trade: the oil price plunged and now is characterised by uncertainty and volatility;
  4. International Politics: seeking balance between energy security, economic and environmental goals in times of energy transition
  5. Energy/Environment policies: the EU has a Green Deal, but every country needs to commit to the green transition ;
  6. Disruptive technologies and emerging challenges: cybersecurity becomes an ever greater threat with increasing digitalization.


Day 1

2nd of June: governments, industry executives and high-level representatives of international institutions were invited to discuss:

  • The impact of Covid-19 and the ensuing recession on All Things Energy
  • Is the EU Green Deal a solution to both climate change caused by energy production, and consumption and economic recession?

Day 2 & 3

3rd and 4th of June: 140 speakers will participate in plenary sessions that will cover all the aspects and challenges of the energy ecosystem. The agenda will follow the logic presented by the six phenomena.

Key issues that will be discussed include:

  • New Visions of Energy: Succeeding in a disruptive context
  • New regional perspectives: The role of gas in the transition to a lower-carbon economy
  • What major technology breakthroughs are revolutionizing the energy sector
  • Dynamic resilience: Preparing for extreme weather, water stress and cyber risk
  • The business outlook for oil.
  • The outlook for hydrocarbon economies
  • Megaprojects: Global impact and implications
  • Rethinking hydro: Powering tomorrow’s world
  • Driving innovation: The role of governments in the future of energy


The event will take place online for an interactive dialogue between stakeholders.

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