ePLANET 9th Stakeholders Forum – The Energy Transition from the community viewpoint

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The 24 January 2024 from 10:00 to 12:00 Brussels time

ePLANET consortium fully acknowledges the importance and relevance of Energy Community models, this is why the platform, under development in the project, also aims to become a practical tool for Energy communities by providing useful data to better assess and understand local needs and possibilities. The platform is capable, in some cases, of collecting the building’s energy consumption data and then displaying it comprehensively to notify the community of its energy needs. Moreover, it can also estimate the PV production capabilities of the selected buildings’ rooftops to inform the community of its potential PV generation capabilities.

During this 9th Stakeholder Forum, we will first explore barriers, challenges, and best practices from our pilot regions. With Hostětín’s unique community experience, we will see how energy transition actions can drive sustainable development for the whole community. We will then explore the barriers and challenges faced in Girona region to set up a PV energy community. Finally, we will have the chance to learn more about the Minoan experience and lessons learned. In the second part of the forum, we will explore potential solutions and tools that might help overcome those barriers and challenges. We will particularly focus on awareness raising, expertise needs, and filling financing gaps.

Don’t miss next Stakeholders Forum to learn more about challenges and tools explored in ePLANET project!


Welcome and Introduction
Cases explored in ePLANET project – Barriers, challenges, and best practices
Hostětín unique community experienceTomáš Perutka (EAZK)
Creating an energy community for PV installations in GironaTBD (DGI)
How to set up a successful energy communityTBC
(Minoan Energy)
Tools to overcome the barriers and challenges
Fostering the energy citizenship to raise awareness and empower citizensBenedetta Buccolini (EC2 project)
One-Stop-Shops (OSS) to provide support to energy communitiesMarta Lupattelli
Innovative financing scheme to include vulnerable householdsJurijs Grizāns (Sun4all)
Energy data to uncover Energy Communities’ potential – Buildings consumption and energy production possibilitiesGerard Laguna (CIMNE)
Wrap-up and closing Including Slido session for feedback