Integrated Home Renovation Services

Don’t miss this workshop organized at the occasion of the Sustainable Place 2020 in Aix les Bains, in October!

The 27 October 2020 from 00:00 to 00:00 Brussels time

Europe faces a profound challenge – to triple the current renovation rate in order to meet its climate and energy goals. For project promoters such as homeowners, the renovation process can be complicated: the ambiguity of the interventions to implement, lack of knowledge on existing solutions, and lack of services to coordinate all required market actors involved in the renovation process, … Those barriers often result in lengthy, time-consuming and disruptive renovation processes for both occupants and neighbours.

During this workshop led by TURNKEY-RETROFIT, several H2020 EU-funded projects will be presented. They all aim at creating or replicating innovative “Integrated Home Renovation services” throughout Europe. Each project aims to the improvement of the quality of the renovation service by covering the whole “customer journey” from technical and social diagnosis, technical offer, contracting of works, structuring and provision of finance, to the monitoring of works and quality assurance.

Participating projects : 

The workshop will be chaired by Dominique CACCAVELLI (CSTB) and Margaux BARRETT (BPIE)