FEDARENE at the European Summit of Regions and Cities

FEDARENE, hosting a stand, actively participated in the 10th European Summit of Regions and Cities held in Mons, Belgium, on the 18th and 19th of March 2024.

FEDARENE at the European Summit of Regions and Cities

The summit showcased the crucial role of local and regional authorities in addressing challenges such as climate change, digital transformation, sustainability, and economic development.

Central to the summit was the recognition of regions and cities as the “beating heart of the European Union,” as highlighted by Vasco Alves Cordeiro, President of the European Committee of the Regions, in his opening speech. Discussions delved into topics ranging from just transitions and cohesion to the vision of regions and cities for the future of Europe.

Bottom-up approaches for regions and cities

A key theme echoed throughout the summit was the call for bottom-up approaches to address the diverse needs of regions and cities. Andries Gryffroy, Regional councilor of Flanders, Member of the European Committee of the Regions, emphasized this perspective, stating, “The EU is united in diversity; how can we tackle one-size-fits-all solutions? With a bottom-up approach.”

Highlighting the importance of upcoming EU elections, the summit showcased numerous local initiatives, underlining the significance of grassroots engagement in shaping Europe’s future. Local representatives from the European Committee of the Regions reiterated the importance of citizen voices in defending cohesion and green transition policies, emphasizing the need for a new impulse characterized by freedom and solidarity within the EU.

FEDARENE’s dedication towards the European success story

FEDARENE’s active participation throughout the summit underscored our dedication to fostering collaboration, sharing best practices, and advocating for the interests of energy and climate agencies across Europe. As the summit came to a close, it served as a platform for dialogue, innovation, and solidarity, reaffirming the vital role of regions and cities in driving Europe forward.

“I invite all local and regional authorities to carry around the European success story, and to give hope to citizens ahead of the EU elections,” remarked Margaritis Schinas, Commissioner for a European way of life, emphasizing the importance of inspiring hope and confidence in European citizens.

The adoption of the Mons Declaration symbolized the collective vision of regions and cities, underscoring their commitment to advancing sustainable and inclusive policies. Against the backdrop of the Mayor Pawel Adamowicz Award ceremony, which honored individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting democracy and values at the local level, the summit concluded as a testament to the collaborative efforts of regional actors in shaping Europe’s future.