FEDARENE joins forces for climate action as a European Climate Pact Partner

FEDARENE showcased its dedication to fostering collaboration and driving impactful change across Europe at the European Climate Pact.

FEDARENE joins forces for climate action as a European Climate Pact Partner

The European Climate Pact marks a significant milestone in the collective effort to combat climate change, and FEDARENE stands as a Pact Partner in this endeavor. As a spotlighted Partner in the opening ceremony held on 5 March 2024, FEDARENE showcased its commitment to fostering collaboration and driving impactful change across Europe.

With a diverse audience of over 200 participants present in the room and tens online, FEDARENE represented by Diana Prsancova delivered an impactful speech during the partners’ standout presentation, led discussions in the breakout group titled “The Energy Corner,” and acted as a rapporteur facilitating dialogue towards European Commissioner for Climate Action, Wopke Hoekstra.

The flagship event commenced with a warm welcome from Maroš Šefčovič, the European Commission’s Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal. Šefčovič emphasized that the Green Deal is not just an environmental initiative but also a social compact ensuring that no one is left behind in the transition to a sustainable future.

Partner Spotlight: Citizens engagement through FEDARENE members‘ activities

Diana Prsancova, Project Officer at FEDARENE, illuminated the role of energy and climate agencies in advocating for regional interests in Brussels, all in pursuit of a collective vision: the transition to clean and efficient energy. She elaborated on FEDARENE’s strategies for engaging citizens through the activities of its members.

FEDARENE takes the floor in the Partner Spotlight Presentation

Local Leadership Empowerment and Youth Engagement

Notably, initiatives like REMARKABLE Climate Leaders focus on nurturing climate leadership capabilities across Europe through innovative training programmes co-created with and for leaders. Next, a remarkable event, The International Clean Energy Challenge, aims to empower young professionals to lead the way in transforming the energy landscape of European regions.

Energy Communities and One Stop Shops Solutions

FEDARENE members’ communication campaigns such as awareness-raising about energy-saving tips, empowers communities to take proactive steps towards sustainability. Emphasizing the importance of energy communities, FEDARENE prioritizes environmental, economic, and social benefits for citizens over mere financial gains, fostering engagement and ownership.

Lastly, through one-stop shops, such as SuperHomes or Porto Energy Hub, energy agencies provide independent advice, building trust and offering tailored assistance to facilitate the transition to sustainable energy solutions.

“The Energy Corner”: Uniting for Climate Action

A breakout session delved into the role of citizens in climate action and explored innovative methods to engage with them, moderated by Diana. Approximately 20 Climate Pact Partners and Ambassadors converged at the “Energy Corner” to address a spectrum of pertinent topics.

Participants recognized that citizens are not just recipients of solutions but integral components thereof. Engagement strategies are more effective when driven by the community itself. The discussion touched upon the common sentiment of “not in my backyard” mentality regarding landscape changes.

Discussions at The Energy Corner

Partners and Ambassadors contemplated the consequences of inaction in climate efforts, underscoring the critical need for proactive measures. Acknowledging the slow pace of public sector action, the group emphasized the necessity for increased support from the European Commission.

Technical discussions ensued, covering critical topics such as the ethical sourcing of materials, associated risks, and the potential regulatory role of the EU. A spotlight was cast on the lifecycle of photovoltaic (PV) panels within the context of the circular economy, underscoring the importance of sustainability in energy infrastructure.

Once it touches my wallet, then it becomes my problem.

Diana Prsancova, FEDARENE on acknowledging the significance of economic factors in the energy transition

Effective communication emerged as a cornerstone, highlighting the importance of clear, transparent dialogue in fostering community engagement.

Participants underscored the importance of societal acceptance as a catalyst for driving meaningful change, emphasizing the need to cultivate a culture that embraces sustainable practices. Recognizing the power of aesthetics and design, participants proposed leveraging art and architecture as vehicles for promoting environmental consciousness and engagement within communities.

Barriers and Proposals from the Pact Community Sessions

FEDARENE again took stage delivering insights from the Pact Partners and Ambassadors, outlining the challenges faced in accelerating citizen engagement in climate action. Key barriers identified included disconnect among stakeholders, operating in silos, struggles in involving youth in decision-making processes, and inefficient communication that fails to resonate with the audience.

In response to these challenges, innovative approaches were proposed. Firstly, matchmaking services such as community building were suggested to advance solutions collaboratively. Secondly, emphasis was placed on positive communication, using language that resonates with citizens. Lastly, the importance of meeting people where they are, both physically and in terms of communication channels, was underscored.

The Pact Community Highlights

In conclusion, as a spotlighted Climate Pact Partner, FEDARENE remains committed to addressing these challenges head-on and fostering effective citizen engagement in climate action.