FEDARENE members join the REGILIENCE project

Three out of the seven focus regions are FEDARENE members.

FEDARENE members join the REGILIENCE project

Seven European regions have been invited to join the REGILIENCE team, three of them are FEDARENE members. After a tough selection process among the 50 regions most vulnerable to climate change in the European Union covering a need survey and interviews, seven regions have confirmed their participation in the REGILIENCE project and are now enrolled as focus regions.

These regions will benefit from the offers of the REGILIENCE to prepare the ground and provide support to develop climate resilience pathways. Relevant activities of the three sister projects (ARSINOE, IMPETUR, TransformAr) will be highlighted for the new regional partners. A broad range of activities will be offered such as citizen surveys, capacity-building activities, the development and testing of an indicator set, and many more.

The three FEDARENE members invited to join REGEA and the FEDARENE team are:

AREAM – Regional Agency for Energy and Environment of the Autonomous Region of Madeira is a private non-profit association, recognised as a public utility, having the mission to promote the innovation and cooperation in the energy and environment domains. It was established in 1993, catalysed by the Regional Government of Madeira, with 51 founding associates, including governmental institutions, entrepreneurial associations and most active companies in the Region.

SPL Horizon Réunion was created in July 2013. It is a natural continuation of the ARER association and is part of a process to develop local natural resources. Its role is to support local shareholder communities in the development of concrete energy projects. Its fields of action are: energy demand management, new energies, observation, governance, information and awareness.

Founded in 2000 under the Save II program of the European Commission, the Energy Agency of Plovdiv (EAP) is the first energy management agency established in Bulgaria. It is devoted to promoting the efficient and sustainable use of energy and to expanding the use of renewable energy.

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Join one of the upcoming sessions of the REGILIENCE project and learn more about highly innovative European initiatives, projects and successful implemented solutions! The first session on the EU resilience landscape with Johannes Klumpers, DG CLIMA, will take place on the 22. March 2023!