ManagEnergy Expert Mission #9: Building Energy Communities in Mantova

From June 11-13, 2024, the Energy Agency of Mantova hosted the 9th ManagEnergy Expert Mission, led by Francisco Puente from ESCAN, Spain. The mission focused on enhancing Mantova’s support for energy communities and ambitious hydrogen projects.

ManagEnergy Expert Mission #9: Building Energy Communities in Mantova

The Energy Agency of Mantova (AGIRE), established in 2006, plays a crucial role in the province by supporting public bodies, local professionals, and the community. Their focus spans from heating systems inspections to renewable energy projects and energy efficiency initiatives, including an ambitious EU-scoped hydrogen project.

During the 9th ManagEnergy Expert Mission, held from June 11-13, 2024, Francisco Puente, Director General of ESCAN, Spain, visited AGIRE. The mission kicked off with a bilateral meeting where AGIRE’s team and the expert discussed the agency’s scope, Italy’s current renewable energy regulations, insights from other EU countries, and outlined the mission objectives. They specifically aimed to explore how AGIRE could bolster support for energy communities and tailor services to meet diverse stakeholder needs.

An internal workshop on the second day engaged AGIRE’s management, international experts, and technical staff. Together, they strategized and defined five new services focused on facilitating energy community policies and setup. Drawing on successful practices from across Europe, the workshop aligned these services with national and EU contexts, ensuring relevance and impact.

The final day featured an external stakeholder workshop, gathering provincial government officials, industry leaders, service providers, and energy agency peers. Discussions revolved around AGIRE’s potential contributions, including policy support, regulatory enhancements, capacity-building initiatives, and the establishment of public-led energy communities.

“The Expert Mission provided our Energy Agency considerable knowledge and new competencies. New skills, knowledge, work opportunities – this is what the ManagEnergy Expert Missions offer Energy Agencies.”

Nicola Galli, AGIRE

The mission concluded with a technical visit to Mantova’s industrial area and inland port, showcasing planned developments in energy communities, hydrogen technologies, and logistics. Key stakeholders emphasized the pivotal role of these infrastructures in driving future energy projects and regional growth.

By leveraging insights gained from this Expert Mission, AGIRE is poised to spearhead Mantova’s renewable energy and hydrogen initiatives. Strengthened partnerships and enhanced capabilities will enable AGIRE to lead sustainable development efforts, fostering a resilient energy future for the province and beyond.