ManagEnergy Master Class #3: Unleashing the Potential of One-Stop-Shops for Residential Retrofit

On 28 February 2024, 24 staff of local/regional energy agencies, cities and regions have completed the third ManagEnergy Master Class where they have learnt how to design, develop and operate One-Stop-Shops for residential retrofit. Let’s go back on these three days of intense training.

ManagEnergy Master Class #3: Unleashing the Potential of One-Stop-Shops for Residential Retrofit

One-Stop-Shops (OSS) are a relatively new concept and emerging market. It is a centralized platform or location that consolidates multiple services or resources, reducing the need for customers to interact with multiple points of contact. By offering a packaged solution, clients benefit from streamlined processes, simplified access to services, and a more efficient experience, ultimately minimizing the hassle of navigating through various channels or providers.

The Class focused on OSS for residential retrofit. In this sector, OSS make a lot of sense as the rate of retrofit and deep retrofit in the EU is still lagging, and homeowners are struggling to find their way among the funding sources available, legal provisions and technical solutions.

Most participants were at the initial stages of developing an OSS in their region. The goal of the Class, divided into three sessions, was to help them move towards a business plan. Seamus Hoyne, our ManagEnergy expert and trainer, took a sequential approach by introducing attendees to stakeholder analysis, PESTLE analysis, Service development (forecasting), risk management and organisational planning.

An important component of the ManagEnergy Initiative and Master Classes is that we are spending a lot less time focusing on technical aspects. We won’t look at the best insulation techniques for homes… In OSS, we are trying to bring together lots of different components: technical but also the people and the financing. The concept of ManagEnergy is helping agencies and authorities to scale up their services.

Seamus Hoyne, ManagEnergy trainer & coordinator

‘The ManagEnergy Way’

The heart of ManagEnergy Master Classes lies in showcasing projects that can be replicated, along with engaging in practical exercises. This particular Master Class followed the same pattern.

Guest lecturers were invited to present their OSS models from Spain (Opengela), Ireland (Superhomes), France (Renov’OccitanieSerafin), Germany (ProRetro), and the Netherlands (FITHOME/GRV). Each model has a different focus, local/regional/national peculiarities and business model which allowed participants to see the variety of potential OSS.

EU Peers also actively participated in all sessions. Funded by the LIFE programme, it aims to establish a European Community for One-Stop-Shops to accelerate renovation rates across Europe. Several project partners seized the opportunity to introduce their goals to Master Class participants and foster connections during the in-person session held in Brussels on 14 and 15 February.

Group exercises and homework helped to put the newly acquired knowledge and tools into practice; whether it was to design a business model canvas, prepare a pitch presentation or work on stakeholder mapping.

ManagEnergy Master Class #3

Key Insights and Next Steps

This third ManagEnergy Master Class arrived at the right time: a supporting EU policy framework is in place, there is more and more funding in the retrofit space, and the technology is ready. What is necessary now for OSS developers is to figure out the type of service they want to provide: who will be their target groups? What kind of support do they want to provide – only advice or are they willing to enter the market and implement some of the works?

In any case, a key thing to remember is that OSS in not really about energy, but mostly about people and comfort.

At the heart of the One Stop Shop concept is dealing with people, and people are complex!

Christophe Milin, CINEA

We hope the energy agencies and authorities who joined the Class will now take home the learnings and make OSS flourish all over Europe.

The Master Class was very well constructed and delivered. Good solid evidence of strong learning from those attending. Well done to ManagEnergy!

Con McLaughlin, ManagEnergy participant

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The Master Class in video