Regional Energy Agency North

The mission of the Regional Energy Agency North is to provide technical assistance to public authorities, citizens, and other local and regional stakeholders, build their capacities, and raise awareness on sustainable energy and climate.

Regional Energy Agency North


REA North is a public non-profit organization that provides support to regional public and private stakeholders. The Agency employees have vast experience that enables them to position themselves as a one-stop place where end users can get impartial and objective information to realize their projects, from conceptual idea to the final investment. In addition to “traditional” fields of expertise like energy efficiency in buildings and public lighting, exploiting the potential of renewable energy sources, e-mobility and smart city solutions, REA North has a strong commitment to development of new opportunities using emerging technologies and trends to meet the needs of its critical end users. REA North has a strong focus on digitalization as one of the key components to help public authorities and citizens in raising the awareness of energy sustainable solutions and integration of renewables in their buildings as well improving its business processes.

REA North is one of the largest public buyers of green electricity and natural gas in Croatia, acting on behalf of more than 200 public institutions all over Croatia. Through the joint public procurement, REA North strives to minimize risks and ensures more favorable conditions of energy supply services by applying innovative public procurement models. It also applies principles of aggregation and scalability to the joint public procurement of PV systems for public entities throughout Croatia.

Fields Of Expertise

Main fields of expertise include:

  • Sustainable Energy and Climate Planning
    • Development of SECAPs and Joint SECAP
    • Local and regional sectoral planning – energy renovation of buildings, public lighting modernization, RES usage, e-mobility
  • Energy management for nearly 200 public buildings including planning and testing of smart metering and building energy management systems
  • Aggregation of the projects and joint public procurements
  • Sustainable building
    • Technical assistance and management of public buildings, multiapartment buildings and single-family houses energy renovation projects including cultural heritage buildings
    • One-stop shop for energy renovation and solar PV installations on single-family houses
    • Capacity building of public and private sector stakeholders
  • Energy poverty
  • Sustainable mobility
    • EV charging infrastructure
    • Sustainable urban logistics
  • Emerging energy systems and smart city solutions
    • Established the first Living Lab in Croatia, development of local innovation eco-system
  • Financing models
    • Grants, EPC, Revolving fund, Crowdinvesting
  • Public procurement
    • Public procurement of innovation
    • Green public procurement
    • Joint public procurement of electricity and natural gas for 200+ public institutions across Croatia

In the news

Energy agencies as pioneers of the energy transition

Our members from Slovenia and Croatia met once again, this week in Zagreb. At a time of great uncertainty, the agencies convened to define what more they can do in the field of cooperation with REPowerEU, and to discuss the possibility of joint projects and policies between Slovenia and Croatia.

C-Track 50 amongst finalists of the EUSEW Awards

Our project which ended last year and supported more than 100 local authorities develop, implement and finance their climate and energy plans is a finalist of the prestigious EUSEW Awards, in the Local Energy Action category.

107 municipalities and 11 EU regions on their way to carbon neutrality thanks to C-Track 50

With C-Track 50 being in its third year of existence, it is time to highlight the work done in the 11 partner countries on climate & energy planning – the main pillar of the H2020 project.

City of Koprivnica and REA Sjever win a Procura+ Award

The Procura+ Awards reward successful, already running, sustainable and innovative public procurements. These procurements lead to significant improvements of public goods, services, processes and infrastructure

City of Koprivnica and REA North win Procura Award for Innovation Procurement of the Year

The Procura+ Awards reward successful, already running, sustainable and innovative public procurements. These procurements lead to significant improvements of public goods, services, processes and infrastructure.