FEDARENE Info 49 – Focus on Urban Planning

Our 2020 Autumn Edition of the FEDARENE Info is out! This season, we focus on Urban Planning, and how sound and smart planning can help us reduce emissions, adapt to climate change and improve quality of life.

If the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions mainly concerns the field of energy production, it can also be achieved through transport and mobility, thermal quality of buildings, limitation of urban sprawl, expansion of natural areas, etc. All these topics shall be taken into account when dealing with urban planning and cities’ development and management strategies. But how?

Read our latest FEDARENE Info and find out how Urban Planning can reduce GHG emissions, limit climate-related risks, preserve biodiversity and natural resources and improve quality of life. More specifically, you will find:

  • An edito by Fouad AWADA, Director General of L’Institut Paris Region;
  • Our Interview with Mikael St-Pierre, coordinator of the Active Neighborhoods Canada Movement;
  • The Story of how REA Kvarner empowered Croatian local authorities to harmonise their plans and implement sustainable energy policies and actions through the SIMPLA project;
  • The Concept of the Energy Improvement Districts developed by the Tartu Regional Energy Agency;
  • Information about FEDARENE’s Opengela and Energee Watch projects.

Have a good read!