Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška region

Energy Agency KSSENA was established in 2006 within the framework of Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE). Its founders are the Municipality of Velenje (MOV), Municipality of Celje (MOC), Municipality of Slovenj Gradec (MOSG) and Public Utility Company Velenje (KPV).

Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška region

Purpose and goals of KSSENA’s activities:

  • Reduction of costs and energy use with emphasis on the public sector
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Development and implementation of innovative products and services
  • Development and implementation of pilot or demonstrative projects
  • Obtainment of non-refundable funds
  • Facilitation of inflow of capital for investment projects
  • Improvement in behaviour patterns and attitude of general and expert public towards energy efficiency issues
  • Counseling and guidance on energy efficiency
  • Development of energy audits and energy performance certificates

KSSENA is encouraging promotion and implementation of measures in fields of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and sustainable urban transport. The organization bases its operation on following the pertinent and topical targets of national and European energy policy for the benefit of socio-economic and environmental inclusive development, particularly on the local level.


The Agency has experience in the development of local energy concepts, sustainable energy action plans as well as providing feedback on proposed national energy strategies. KSSENA is also accomplished in management and coordination of actions aimed at reducing energy consumption and costs in public buildings. This is primarily achieved by the establishment and maintenance of an EMIS (Energy Management Information System), in which most publicly owned buildings in Velenje, Celje and Slovenj Gradec Municipalities are monitored in real time and partially refurbished, when funds are available, starting with their most critical points. Similarly, the Agency also supports the strategy development and refurbishment of the public lighting system in Velenje.  KSSENA Energy Agency is also knowledgeable in the organization of education and training events, structured around topical issues regarding energy supply and use. In addition, KSSENA also has relevant experience in cooperating with children and youth, specifically in the sense of education and training.

Main business of the organization are:

  • Energy management of publicly owned building stock
  • Energy efficiency consulting and guidance on a local and regional levels
  • Advancement and implementation of innovative products and services
  • Development and implementation of pilot or demonstrative projects
  • Obtainment of non-refundable funds for private and public stakeholders
  • Facilitation of inflow of capital for investment projects
  • Conduction of energy audits with detailed refurbishment measures
  • Issuing of energy performance certificates (EPCs)
  • Development of investment documentation
  • Conduction of RES feasibility studies
  • Modernization of public lighting

KSSENA has also managed to secure impressive exposure to regional and transnational projects, financed by either purposely structured funds and programs or a form of public private partnership. The Agency has cooperated with many European partners since its inception in 2006 and has established a valuable network of experts within and beyond the European member states. The Agencies vision is to continue the cooperation on ambitious work programs, supporting various regional and interregional initiatives as well as programs on the European level.

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