Southern Sweden Energy Agency

The largest regional energy agency in Sweden, Energikontor Syd aims to support and facilitate improvements in energy efficiency and increase the supply of renewable energy sources, through initiatives and activities towards private and public operators.

Southern Sweden Energy Agency

Owned by municipalities and regions in Blekinge, Kalmar, Kronoberg and Skåne counties in the South of Sweden, our regional energy agency aims to support and facilitate improvements in energy efficiency and increase the supply of renewable energy sources, through initiatives and activities towards private and public operators.

The goal for our activities and initiatives is that local and regional energy and climate targets are reached, thus creating conditions for achieving the goals on national and EU level. To be able to support our vision of a sustainable energy system in our region we have a wide range of expertise. Our experts has technical knowledge within sustainable transports and fuels, energy efficient housing and building, biomass for heat and power, solar energy, wind power and much more. Our field of expertise also covers knowledge in behavioural changes, strategic planning, sustainable procurement, circular economy, and sustainable business development.  We support the public sector and the regional businesses by taking initiatives and manage projects, helping them transform into sustainable operations. We do this in several ways, strategically and operationally, in different types of collaboration and development projects. Our overall objective is to change and improve society from an energy and sustainability perspective.

Since the start in 1999, we have always been impartial, and we have no profit motive. We are one of fifteen regional energy agencies in Sweden, and we have been an active partner in the national organisation Energikontor Sverige and FEDARENE since the start.  Through the years we have created a wide network and a firm local and regional knowledge about the energy system and all its key actors. This gives us a unique possibility to facilitate processes, create cooperation’s and valuable synergies.

We are always interested to share our knowledge and experiences with others and to gain new knowledge to better be able to support our region and we are very interested to cooperate with energy agencies and regions all over Europe. You are welcome to contact us any time, and perhaps we can find inspiring opportunities together.

As of January 1st 2023, the two energy agencies of southeast Sweden and Skåne have merged to form a joint agency – Energy Agency Southern Sweden! This makes us the largest regional energy agency in our country. 

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Lina Gellermark

Lina Gellermark is the director of Mälardalen Energy Agency Deputy Chairman of the Board of Energikontoren Sverige. Her determined efforts have driven the development of inter-organizational systems, structures, and networks throughout the country, which has strengthened the collaborative efforts between Sweden and the rest of Europe.