Energy Efficiency Watch 5

Through the development of enabling narratives and a policy dialogue platform, the Energy Efficiency Watch 5 (EEW5) promotes the Green Deal as the masterplan for a just transition and as the new EU growth strategy.

Energy Efficiency Watch 5

The overarching objective of EEW5 is to support enabling narratives for the European Green Deal, putting more emphasis on a) increased competitiveness and b) a better quality of life and thus creating the necessary buy-in of larger groups of society across all EU Member States. Building on the findings and methodological approaches of EEW1-EEW4 and the experience and network of the consortium members, this project will add a new dimension to the traditional approach of policy analysis and communication.

This project addresses the important issue of creating and promoting the use of better narratives for the European Green Deal in order to generate broad buy-in.

EEW5 has three main objectives, of which the first focuses on the dissemination of new energy efficiency policies under the Green Deal (primarily EED, but also considering energy transition as overarching topic). The second objective aims at generating deeper and comprehensive insights on the link between policies and narratives, and the third objective is the application of this knowledge for narrative building and testing and the roll-out of new narratives supporting the EU Green Deal. All three objectives will be evaluated through performance indicators, and continuously reviewed through alignment with milestones and deliverables defined for the project.

Objective 1: Discuss and broadly disseminate the new energy efficiency policies under the Green Deal with policy makers and the stakeholder community, through the EEW5 policy dialogue platform

Objective 2: Create a strong link between Green Deal related energy efficiency policies (revised EED and other relevant directives and instruments) and supportive narratives

Objective 3: Develop, test and roll-out new narratives and provide policy recommendations

Co-funded by the European Union under project ID 101076918.


Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or CINEA. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

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