FEDARENE Info 51 – Focus on Planning for Carbon Neutrality

Summer is just around the corner and we decided to welcome this new season early with a brand new FEDARENE Info on carbon neutrality and long term climate & energy planning.

When Ursula Von der Leyen took office at the end of 2019, she commited to making Europe the first carbon neutral continent by 2050. Since then, all EU policies have been converging towards this goal. But FEDARENE regions and energy agencies, together with ambitious cities and partners, have been working on climate change mitigation and adaptation well before that. They all know that sound and effective climate and energy planning is the key to any emission reduction and to achieve the desired carbon neutrality. In this 51st edition of our FEDARENE Info, we therefore share with you some good advice and best practices from our members and partners related to this topic.

This FEDARENE Info is also the opportunity to come back on the experience and achievements of the C-Track 50 H2020 project, which started in 2017 with the goal of developing 116 sustainable energy and climate policy actions plans for 2050 at the local and regional level. 3 years later, that goal has been achieved, and partners are working hard to develop funding proposals for implementing sustainable energy and climate actions/projects.

More precisely, inside the publication, you will find:

  • An Edito by Florin Andronescu, FEDARENE Vice-President for Energy Efficiency and director of ALEA, Alba Local Energy Agency (Romania);
  • An interview with Vincent Chauvet, mayor of Autun (France), member of the European Committee of the Regions and rapporteur on the opinion “Stepping up the 2030 climate ambitions in Europe”;
  • Information on how the Romanian municipality of Baria Mare has managed to unlock 50 million euros to make its transport system more sustainable;
  • The experience of FAEN, the Asturias Energy Agency, within the C-Track 50 H2020 project;
  • News from our C-Track 50 and EEW4 projects and information on the new commitments of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy – Europe.

Have a good read!