FEDARENE Info 46 – Focus on funding sustainable energy

This new FEDARENE Info focuses on the solutions emerging to finance large scale energy efficiency investments.

This FEDARENE Info highlights the challenges behind financing large scale energy efficiency investments. Regional, national and European initiatives are emerging across Europe which are enabling innovative investments to be developed.  Guarantee Funds, Public Private Partnerships, Crowdfunding are just some of the solutions which are being expanded and piloted in different regions. These often require policy and legislative changes and the establishment of new competencies which Energy Agencies need to champion. Find out how FEDARENE is supporting its members to be part of this revolution through such initiatives as ManagEnergy, PROSPECT and other projects and activities.

More precisely, inside the publication, you will find:

  • An Edito by Seamus Hoyne, Secretary-General of FEDARENE, Manager at Limerick Institute of Technology (IE) and Chair of Tipperary Energy Agency (IE);
  • An interview with Isabelle Thomas, member of the European Parliament since 2012 and affiliate of the Socialist & Democrats group as well as a member of the Budget Committee and co-rapporteur on the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF);
  • The innovative financing schemes led by the Liguria Regional Energy Agency to implement energy efficiency measures on its public assets;
  • A brief introduction of the Upper Austrian “Energie-Contracting-Programm”, supporting energy contracting projects (EPC) in municipalities and companies in Upper Austria and managed by OÖ Energiesparverband;
  • 5 steps to a Budget for a United and Sustainable Europe by FEDARENE
  • Some information about the ManagEnergy initiative and Prospect (renamed Prospect +) project.

Have a good read!